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Privacy Policy

When collecting the personal information/data of the users, the website of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation will definitely comply with the “Personal Information Protection Act .” Without the consent and permission of the users , Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation will not collect the users’personal information/data by computer.

The web server where this website is hosted records users' browsed webpage and IP for website content and system improvement and policy promotion effectiveness evaluation. The recorded data is used for statistical analysis only and does not concern user's personal information.

When users browse this website, a cookie will be placed in their personal computers. A cookie is a short file sent from the website and stored on the user's computer. This cookie does not contain information that could be used to identify the users. It is used to record the customization users make to the services provided by this website. The hosting web server only has access to the recorded activity on this website in the cookie and has no access to any other records of the users' activities on any other websites.

This privacy policy is effective immediately. Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation may revise this policy in accordance to the changes of privacy regulation and to adapt to the changes of social environment and technology improvement. Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation will update and announced the revised privacy policy as soon as possible.

Large quantity intake of alcohol product in a short period of time is lethal