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Important Measures

Important Measures
1.Major policy
  • (1) Cooperate with the government to promote "New Southbound" policy, expand the Asia-Pacific market, strengthen the Southeast Asian market channel, and promotion brand actively to become an international enterprise.
  • (2) Cooperate with the government's policy of "Activating the State Assets to Create Asset Value", execute asset development.
  • (3) Cooperate with the government in developing "Five Key Industries" to develop biotechnology products and strengthen diversified operations.
  • (4) Cooperate with the government's "Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction" policy and green consumption.
  • (5) Cooperate with the government's "Food Security" policy, improve the food and safety management mechanism, build a trust consumer environment.
2.Important business
  • (1) Focus on the core raw materials and technology to develop products that meet the needs of the market.
  • (2) Strengthen brand management to enhance brand and product value.
  • (3) Promote e-commerce to expand sales channel and enhance consumer convenience.
  • (4) Promote sightseeing wineries to create wine culture value and corporate image.
  • (5) Conduct employee training to implement human renewal and technical heritage.
Large quantity intake of alcohol product in a short period of time is lethal