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❯ Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy, and Mission Statement

  • Insistence on Optimum Quality
  • Ensuring Customer Satisfaction
  • Seeking Excellent Development
  • Commitment to Social Responsibility

Being the leading and the largest tobacco and liquor company in Taiwan, we have excellent professional teams, and constantly hold ourselves to the perspective of social feedback and the notion that the customer comes first. Thereby, we provide customer-satisfied products and services, and are able to maintain and fulfill our objective; Zero defects, quality guaranteed.

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❯ Quality Control
  • Total Participation
  • Economic Efficiency
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovative Value

Quality is the essence of the corporation; we make continuous efforts through a suggestion system and QCC activity to inspire all employees to strive for continual improvement. In order to utilize the corporation’s resources properly, we aggressively push the profit center system, so as to reach our business goals. To satisfy our customers’ demands, we constantly enhance the quality of our products and our services through creative innovation.

❯ Our Mission
  • To create a working environment where all employees are treated with respect
  • To oversee the healthy consumption of alcohol and tobacco
  • To insist on innovation, assertiveness, responsibility, honesty and faith
❯ Operation

The government opened the domestic market to foreign tobacco and liquor in 1987, entered the WTO in January 2002, and then enforced the Tobacco and Liquor Tax Law, allowing imported tobaccos and beers from Mainland China. The abandonment of exclusive sales of tobacco and liquor had a direct impact on the sales of Taiwan-made products. To ensure our share of the market for tobacco and liquor products and to improve competitiveness, we have applied a customer-oriented marketing strategy as our core, taken active measures in new-product R&D, improved the quality of tobacco and liquor, and enhanced customer services. In recent years, we have maintained annual sales of more than NT 58 billion dollars, and kept market shares of tobacco, beer and liquor at 38%, 80%, and 52% respectively.

❯ Business Re-engineering
  • 1. Implementation of the Business Re-engineering plan
    TTL aggressively implemented the business reengineering plan, we entrusted a professional management consulting company to take talent evaluation of our employees and interviewed the directors of TTL to diagnose the future of TTL. After we have come to the conclusion, we’ll complete the strategy maps for TTL and carry out the adjustment of the organization, the employees and the balanced scorecard for TTL.

    We’ll complete the function diagnose for the entire information system and formulate 25 improvement plans for our information systems. We hope to enhance the marketing mechanism and improve the profit ability through the improvement of the information systems.

  • 2. Continued operation in related biotechnology products derived from our core technologies:
    After we developed “Taiwan Beer Yeast” and “Monascus Capsule” successfully and earned consumer acceptance in 2005, we developed the “Easy Clean” with a wholly natural cleaning solution with anti-bacterium hops which became available formally on April 2006 and earned the praise from the consumers who bought this product.

    We also developed the VINATA red wine poly phenols facial mask with anti-aging and skin whitening functions which was officially launched into the market on May 2006.

    Moreover, we have also devoted ourselves in setting up the factory to produce cosmetics and natural cleaning solution, We’ll continue our operations in related biotechnology products derived from our core technologies to bring in more business for TTL.

  • 3. Expansion of overseas markets, establishment of the overseas business points and the enlargement of the market by our products:
    TTL has been very progressive in expanding the overseas markets; we’ve set up business networks in U.S.A., Japan, Korea, Cambodia and Philippines. As the cigarettes are still monopolized in the taxed market in China, in order to sell TTL products in China, TTL has been approved to set up offices in Beijing and Shanghai and be ready to involve in China market. We’ve also completed the cooperation in sales, authorization, OEM, joint stock or buy-out to master the movement and the information of the market, to realize the local regulations and the information of our competitors for our decision-makers to set up the well-prepared decisions for entering China market.
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❯ Future Prospects
  • 1. Cultivation of local markets
    Facing the policy of open market and the liberalization of the tobacco and liquor industry, market competition tends to be more intensive and the regulations upon preventing the disadvantages of tobacco are getting stricter. Thus, we’re working on the reduction of the amount of nicotine and tar and the reforms of the packages and promotion of new products. Meanwhile, we’re also continuing creating the advantage of “Local production, international brand” for Taiwan Beer. We will make constant efforts to cultivate a 'native-culture' feeling for our traditional liquor products, thereby raise their added value, overwhelm the high-priced market segment, develop biotech products, and initiate new business opportunities.

    We will proceed with selling agilely and setting multidimensional channels for marketing to become a competitive tobacco & liquor manufacturing, sales and marketing corporation in Taiwan.

  • 2. Expansion to global markets
    We will take active steps into the global market and expand our oversea sales in the future. Currently, the USA, Japan, Korea, Cambodia, the Philippines and Europe are our main exportation foreign countries. In order to sell the tobacco and liquor products in mainland China, we’ve set offices both in Beijing and Shanghai for us to enter the China marketing progressively.
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