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Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Company limited logo

Logo Story


A macroscopical vision shaping : Using the simple and succinct shaping and three-dimensional composition, the majestic appearance that the big roc spreads the wings and soars appears, symbolize Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation pursue being outstanding and healthy and strong goal constantly and wish the scene.

Vigor vigor : Work up the arc shaping and form forward , upward globality with law, symbolize and pursue ' higher , farther , better corporate culture' , represent Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation 's quick , courageous and resolute action strength in Taiwan, with the willpower that is surmounting constantly.

Is hard and soft and hold: The solid shaping with round, symbolize it with the self-confident , hearty heart and persistent attitude in the side, represent the staff's makings and spirit of enterprises.

Is abundant and clear color: Adopt blue and green and blue , jade green , golden yellow , form the fresh and bright visual effect , flourishing vigor and prosperous development of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation of the symbol bright redly.

Llife and growth in nature: With blue and green to represent ideal goal while being blue, jade green representative grow up healthy and strong, golden yellow representative have a bumper harvest the happiness, it represents devoting heartily, symbolize prospect innovating and plural goal of Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor Corporation that bright red.

Large quantity intake of alcohol product in a short period of time is lethal