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Orgazation Chart

Orgazation Char

The chart below shows the organizational structure of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation.

The Highest position is the Board of Directors Chairperson;include Secreatariat, Board of Director and Supervisor and Department of Auditing.

The second highest is the President, Vice President ;include Department of Civil Service Ethics,


  • Department of General Affairs,
  • Department of Accounting,
  • Department of Planning,
  • Department of Finance Analysis,
  • Department of Information Management,
  • Department of Personnel,
  • Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection Office,
  • Department of Accounting,
  • Deprtment of Biotechnology: include Liquor Research Institute.
  • Department of Liquor: include Linkou Sake Brewery, Taichung Ditillery, Chiayi Distillery , Pingtung Distillery, Hualien Distillery, Yilan Distillery, Puli Brewery, Longtian Diswtillery and Nantou Winery.
  • Department of Beer: include Taipei Beer Works, Jhunan Brewery and Shanhua Brewery.
  • Department of Tobacco: includes Taipei Cigarette Plant, Fongyuan Cigarette Plant, Neipu Cigarette Plant and Linkou Printing Plant.
  • Dapartment of Marketing: Include Northern Area Office, Taoyuan Office, Taichung Office, Chiayi Office, Tainan Office, Kaohsiung Office, Hualien Office, InternationalBusiness, Office-Duty Free Shop.
Large quantity intake of alcohol product in a short period of time is lethal