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2023 MondeSelection Beer Award

No matter how you came to know about Taiwan Beer,Over the years, our initial intention has remained unchanged.
Thank you for always being with Taiwan Beer as we grow,We are confident in the quality of our product 💪, and we are committed to providing you with a five-star quality experience.✨
This year, Taiwan Beer has won 6 silver, 7 gold, and 2 bronze awards,
Let's raise a can of beer together to celebrate! 🍻


Monde Selection, The International Quality Institute was founded in Brussels, in the heart of Europe.
In nearly 60 years, the International Quality Institute acquired a unique expertise in evaluating the quality of the culinary, health and beauty culture all over the world. Through the judgment of our international and renown experts we highlight the quality of consumer products with unique quality labels.

Monde Selection’s tasting sessions are based on organoleptic parameters applicable to each product such as the taste, visual aspect, aftertaste, mouthfeel and odour. The evaluation sessions are organised over a period of four months during which our juries taste a limited number of products per day to preserve their palate.


Monde Selection World Quality Awards
🥇 Established by the Belgian government in 1961
🥈 The most long-lasting quality research institution in the world
🥉 The most authoritative international quality certification in the world.

<Please drink responsibly. No alcohol for individuals under 18.>


Large quantity intake of alcohol product in a short period of time is lethal